ECA-Tranship launches Retail Distribution

We are happy to announce our launch into the retail distribution of fresh water Tropical Fish for 2024! Along with our continued commitment to supplying hobbyist their own personal imports we have partnered with quality breeders in Indonesia to bring our retail outlets in Canada some unique and high end fish! Our main focus will bring some of many high quality Betta, Swordtails, Molly, Platy and Guppies that Indonesia is known for. Many other types of fish are also planned for the near future so keep an eye out!

ECA will be stocking some of these beautiful and unique fish for distribution in Canada. We look forward to your business!

If your a retail store (Pet Shop or Specialty Fish Store) please contact us to setup your account and browse our catalog and pricing. All fish sold by ECA are not for public, only retail stores.

Thanks for reading!